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by Dakota

She was enjoying her bath, bubbles up to her chin when she felt a hand touch her shoulder.  She slapped at the hand, giggling.  She should have known he would want to join in the fun.  Laughing she glanced at him then turned back to her bubbles.

The next time the hand reached for her fingers and held her arm still every so briefly before she pulled away. Using both hands, she slapped the water as hard as she could splashing water in his face then laughing at his startled expression. She didn't understand why he was so surprised for it wasn't the first time she had retaliated that way and they both knew it wouldn't be the last.

Chakotay pulled back as bright eyes met his and a cheeky grin matched his own. He resisted the urge to splash her back. A water fight was not quite what he had in mind at the moment. He tried one more time to control her hands but she wiggled away from him again and sent an even larger spray of water into his face and down his chest.

Kathryn stood in the door smiling as she watched Chakotay and their eleven-month old daughter as he tried to get her out of the tub. She was squealing in delight as the bubbles ran down his shirt.

"Just pick her up."

"Then she'll be kicking and splashing all over. She hates getting out of the tub, just like someone else I know."

"She's already doing that in case you hadn't noticed."

Chakotay glanced down at his soaked clothing. "Trust me, I noticed."

Sighing he reached into the tub, firmly grasped the wriggling child and pulled her out of the tub. As he was drying her off and putting on her pajamas, Kathryn drained the tub and started filling it again. As Chakotay was getting ready to leave to put the baby to bed, Kathryn stepped next to him and kissed his cheek pressing her body against his. Suggestive did not begin to describe her tone.

"If you get her to sleep in time, you can come help me out of the tub, too."

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